The exhibition BEAUTY OF THE BEAST shows recent works by the artists Anna Nemes (*1989 in Budapest) and Barbara Sophie Höcherl (*1983 in Wörth a.d. Donau).

In Anna Nemes’ series of Black Paintings, people emerge from a lightless space, without situational or representational context. And yet the artist’s paintings are not to be understood as portraits in the classical sense; they are not studies in drawing that seek to approximate reality as faithfully as possible. Her latest series Finally, I see the future shows people in an oval frame that captures the movement of the painted as if in a devotional painting. In ink, oil and acrylic on canvas, Nemes creates a fragile physicality wrapped in textures.

In the series of works Aves, Barbara Sophie Höcherl brings together what at first may not seem to belong together: she unites real birds of different species to create sculptural mythical creatures, thus highlighting the gap between humans and animals. Cruelty and beauty and a spectrum of emotions open up when viewed. In her Abberation series, she creates scannograms in which the image of birds is distorted by movement. The artist received the Cultural Promotion Award of the City of Regensburg for her artistic work in 2020.


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