For the first time in Germany, the Galerie Isabelle Lesmeister is showing an exhibition by the two Italian artists Roberto Ghezzi and Antonio Massarutto, who live and work in Cortona (Italy) and share an impressive studio there. They are both researchers and visual artists. 
Roberto Ghezzi (*1978 in Cortona) works on Naturographs. The artist uses this term to describe works that are copied from nature (graphḗ, from the Greek graphḗ ‘to write’) and which he has been creating for almost two decades in various landscape contexts. These works are canvases created using a process researched by Ghezzi, in which nature itself leaves traces on supports that have been placed in the natural environment for an extended period of time.
Antonio Massarutto (*1973 in Pordenone) works with natural materials, objets trouvées, from nature, which are transformed by his hand into partly abstract, partly zoomorphic sculptures. The artist grew up in his grandfather’s taxidermy workshop and thus had intensive contact with the physiognomy of a wide variety of animals from a very early age. In addition to his artistic training, this is also particularly evident in his sculptures, which are created with very minimalist means and radiate a tremendous liveliness.


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