FLOWERS feat. Hannah Rembeck & Alexandra Hummel

Our summer exhibition FLOWERS brings together three creative venues in Regensburg’s Old Town: Galerie Isabelle Lesmeister presents works from the gallery program, accompanied by installations by floral designer Alexandra Hummel and a thematic selection of creations from jewelry gallery Hannah Rembeck.
On view are works from Alex Katz’s “The Flowers” portfolio: Katz showcases flowers in a contrast of minimalist forms and expressive colors. Japanese artist Takashi Murakami plays with references to pop art and pop culture and influences from Japanese art history. Furthermore, works by Reiner Fetting, Oskar Koller, Henri Matisse and Angelika Tòth will be included.

Alexandra Hummel makes reference to individual artworks in the exhibition with color-coordinated arrangements. Hummel learned and perfected her craft in numerous international engagements, developing her own aesthetic signature for floral design along the way.
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Hannah Rembeck presents jewelry designs by over 70 jewelry makers in her gallery. For FLOWERS, she curates a selection that combines the finest craftsmanship and floral elements.
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