An unconventional exhibition with the title “Grafik&Design” starts at Galerie Isabelle Lesmeister on November 25th, 2011.
This time around, a variety of different artists and designers are coming together to show their take on the title topic at the gallery.

Different everyday objects that are not just to be identified as a means to reflect light, but more so to showcase and nuance their unique design and presentation are on view – designer Daniel Becker, born in 1983, and Stephan Gervers, born 1970, show parts of their work: minimalist and clear design, with partly floral elements.

Madeleine Schollerer, born in 1983, shows unique paper cuttings, but not just on paper, but in fact also using vinyl.

Anne Lück, the Berlin based designer shows graphic art, Marta Fermín and Oliver Montesino bring along woodcuts and mixed-media works.

Also, the Regensburg-born artists Silja Götz and Nicole Müller, who have made Madrid and London their chosen home base now, respectively, present their graphic works and object art pieces. Silja Götz has been able to be recognized for her graphic design on an international level by now. Nicole Müller impresses with her idiosyncratic ceramic design.

On view: Nov 26, 2011 – Feb 26, 2012

Opening night: Nov 25, 2011


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