The exhibition PEOPLE & PORTRAITS presents a selection of the most diverse portraits from both Modernism and current positions of contemporary art at GALERIE ISABELLE LESMEISTER. With a focus on the non-colors black and white, various works are gathered that, despite the their muted color palettes, are all characterized by an individual artistic signature and have a specific recognition value. 

Among the works on display are prints by the artists of the century Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse. While Picasso’s lithograph BUSTE BLANC SUR noir stages an obstinate abstraction of the female torso with reduced yet powerful lines, Matisse’s figurative and graphic work is dedicated to women, expressing a harmony of individual facial features. The Italian artist duo Tania&Lazlo shows a monochrome portrait, recreated from a drawing by the Raphaelite artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti. With sweeping brushstrokes, Hungarian artist Angelika Tòth draws delicate portraits, convivial street scenes and couples in bonded togetherness. Cuban artist Mabel Poblet works with photography and the grande theme of self-portraiture. In his sculptures, the artist Helge Leiberg combines graceful bodies with expressive, dancing gestures. 

Despite, or perhaps because of, the “colorlessness” of the works on view, the viewers’ full focus is on their monochrome counterpart, which engages them in a silent dialogue. Works on view are by Pablo Picasso // Henri Matisse // Andy Warhol // Alex Katz // Helge Leiberg //Salvador Dalí // Tania&Lazlo // Angelika Tòth // Mabel Poblet // Antonio Massarutto // Anna Nemes // huber.huber


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