The painter Angelika Tóth (*1977 in Vac, Hungary) is guiding “the viewer to dive in and experience the space themselves by wandering around, day dreaming and loosing themselves completely in it.” (Tóth) Through her expressive style she captures the atmosphere, emotions and inner tensions. In doing so, she transforms the impressions and inspirations of the external world into her own pictorial world, a liminal space between abstraction and depiction.
What comes about is an atmospheric duality of an inner tension and lightness.

The Italian sculptor and designer Antonio Massarutto (*1973 in Pordenone, Italy) is creating sculptures from everyday objects like wire, trash bags, nails, and scrapes of plastic or fabric in the style of Arte povera sculptures. That is how animalistic bodies are created out of wire, which seem like areal drawings of lines. Additionally he is showcasing animal busts in the habit of hunting trophies. In a very special way even his trophies of his very own hunt for materials.


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