The exhibition entitled URBAN JUNGLE 3.0 will take place for the third time this year after 2015 and 2018. On display are paintings and ink works by Angelika Tóth and sculptures as well as objects by Antonio Massarutto.
The painting by Angelika Tóth (* 1977 in Vac, Hungary) leads the viewer “to immerse himself in the space in which he can wander, daydream and lose himself completely.” (Tóth) In her expressive style she captures atmospheres, emotions and inner tensions. She transforms impressions and inspirations of the outside world into her personal imagery, a liminal space between abstraction and depiction. It creates an atmospheric duality of inner tension and lightness.The Italian sculptor and designer Antonio Massarutto (* 1973 in Pordenone, Italy) created in the style of Arte povera sculptures from everyday objects such as wire, garbage bags, nails, plastic and fabric leftovers. The result is animal carcasses made of wire that look like spatial line drawings. He also shows animal busts in the habit of hunting trophies. In a way, trophies of his own hunt for materialism.


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