As part of the Spanish film and culture festival CinEScultura 2011, Isabelle Lesmeister Gallery presents current art from Asturias. 

Marta Fermín (* 1973 in Oviedo) and Iván Pérez (*1973 in Tineo) both work with wood as a material, but approach it quite differently. Fermín cuts drawings into wooden plates to use them as printing plates for her serial wood engravings. Her Interior Azul series features abstract, filigree motifs in an azure blue color scheme. 

Pérez also carves and cuts drawings into wood. But these are not ordinary wooden panels, but individual pieces of old school furniture. Nor are these intended for printing, but stand on their own as singular works of art, such as the skeleton of an eagle carved into the teacher’s desk top. Also on view will be large-scale works from Pérez’s Olas series. The multi-layered works on paper, which pile up into waves, shimmer iridescently in multi-faceted shades of blue, turquoise, and green, the kind that only the sea otherwise produces. 

Marta Fermín’s latest works were created in collaboration with the artist Oliver Montesino (*1981 in Albacete) and were most recently shown in the exhibition Por Venadas at Casa Duro in Mieres, Asturias. Parts of this exhibition will now also be shown in Regensburg. 

On view: June 7 – July 23, 2011

Opening night: June 4, 2011


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