The exhibition “Atmosphere” at the Galerie Isabelle Lesmeister is connecting the visions and two different artistic realities of the American sculptor Jeremy Holmes and the Landshut-based painter Jenny Forster and turn them into a place of adventure. Even though they have such different directorial and medial approaches, their parallels and their ability to shape an atmospherical concept is astounding.

The artists, who have both from their individual standpoints been able to make their names and works known, have already put together a show at the Galerie Isabelle Lesmeister back in 2012. The local newspaper “Mittelbayerische Zeitung” reported on the juxtaposition of sculpture and painting then with the following conclusion: “all of this together is shaping an astounding unity.”

Jeremy Holmes grew up in Cooperstown, NY and studied sculpure and painting at the State University of New York. His material of choice is wood: out of thin boards he’s creating abstract, space filling loops through traditional working techniques, that unfold in front of the viewer’s eyes in an uncanny softness and nature.

The sees his sculptures as three dimensional line drawings in a space, that always insert themselves into the spaces and surroundings in their own and ever changing way.

Oftentimes, the organic sculptures’ dimensions break the space’s mould and continue into another space or room, all while taking the viewer on a kinaesthetic experience and make them discover new and never before witnessed spaces – Holmes is focussing on the absolute consequence of these spaces and surprises with new creations all the time.  

The former master student at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Munich, Jenny Forster, is also paying attention to one specific construction of a special and individual reality of nature and space. Her works, which are sometimes resembling glaciers, other times mountains, that she creates through a mixed media approach, she is not trying to gain the same level of structure as Homes’ sculptures show: Jenny Forster’s art is fragmentary, loaded with energy, almost deconstructive-anarchic. In the versatile nature abstractions she is pondering about the existing and the possible space, brings things in correlation with each other and connects them into images of a few accentuating aspects of color and deep, crystalline shapes.

The exhibition “Atmosphere” is a new clash of both artists, who present an extraordinary will to form, somewhere between the mental and nature connections of nature and space to each other, and shape an astounding unity through their interplay.

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