The exhibition “Dein Pendant ist das Gegenstück zu mir” – Your pendant is the counterpart of me -, which was presented at the GALERIE ISABELLE LESMEISTER from February 21, 2014, showed photographs by the Viennese artist Christiane Peschek. The title already reveals the initial complexity of the works presented. However, upon closer inspection, the simplicity and meaning of the images becomes apparent and thought-provoking. The artist Christiane Peschek was born in Salzburg in 1984 and attended, among others, the Prague Photo School and studied scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. The artist lives and works there until today. 

The exhibition presents three series of photographs by the artist, entitled “Tagebücher” – “Diaries” -, “Ich werde nicht wie meine Mutter” – “I will not be like my mother” – and “Rooms 2”. The photographs of the cycle “Tagebücher” show self-contained stories and experiences, which are reminiscent of the classic vanitas still lifes through the composition of the images. They contain a distinct pictorial symbolism, which makes them appear timeless. The images also feature a strong colorfulness, which is emphasized by contrasts. Each individual image in the series stands for itself and an experience and can thus be read as a diary entry. 

The series “Ich werde nicht wie meine Mutter” deals with the relationship between mother and daughter. The focus is particularly on the process of identification with the role model function of young women. The facial expressions, which are symbolically important in portrait photography, are not included in the picture composition. Only from the knee upwards to the mouth the women are depicted, which changes the viewer’s perspective. The clothing symbolizes the problematic nature of the thematized identification process. 

Peschek’s cycle “Rooms 2” represents a completely different interpretation of the concept of portrait photography. In it, the usual depiction of humans in nature is reversed. The images show wild animals in urban habitats, in which they appear unfamiliar and strange. Through this deliberate deplacement, the ordinariness of public spaces is interrupted. Another aspect of the “Rooms 2” series is the study of urban living and gathering spaces. Especially the contrast of the depicted urban environment and architecture to nature and at the same time the reference to it plays an important role. Humans and animals are embedded in this. The lifeless animal specimens serve as a contrast to the city, which thrives on movement and speed. Christiane Peschek’s work thus shows the area in which man and animal meet in the modern cityscape. 


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