The title of the exhibition “diaphanous”, which is synonymous for ‘translucent’, ‘transparent’ and ‘clear’, describes the works of the young Nuremberg-based artist Linda Männel very well. Her works seem to derive from a different time or even a different reality. This effect is not only caused by the artist through her retrospectively appearing motifs, but also through a specific technique, that the artist uses to create her artworks. By using mainly muted or pastel colors, the viewer is given an impression of a patina on the pieces. Lively swinging, but with a confident stroke and a highly detailed manner Linda Männel brings her motifs onto canvases or paper. She uses ink, watercolor or mixed media techniques. The motifs are afterwards partially or even entirely covered by multi-colored strings of yarn, that are stitched onto the surface, thus giving the impression of a kind of veil that covers the artwork. By doing so, she would like to preserve moments, persons and memories of the past from being forgotten.

But still, Linda Männel always tries herself out in new ways. Her creative work also includes abstract works with titles like “Strahlen” (“rays”) or “Ellipse” (“ellipse”). Most of those abstract works are smaller formats, while her figurative motifs are mostly reserved for larger formats. When looking at her works, a whole other, unreal reality presents itself, emerging from behind the filigree strings: the viewers instinctively ask themselves, what else lies in the unknown, that could be discovered. 


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