With Fragments of Memory, Galerie Isabelle Lesmeister is showing the first solo exhibition by the exceptional Cuban artist Mabel Poblet (*1986, Cienfuegos, Cuba) in Germany. Thanks to her unmistakable and haunting style, she is one of the most sought-after young artists on the contemporary Cuban art scene and has already been represented in numerous international exhibitions.
In this exhibition Poblet presents works from various series. The series Mi Otoño – My Autumn –  shows details of the artist’s self-portraits. Pyramid-shaped origami elements come together like pixels to form and overall picture and show individual parts of her face, such as her mouth or eyes. The artist consciously uses the shape of the pyramid, a structure whose feeling of ascent imitates reaching heaven and connects the two levels that exist in parallel but are inexorably intertwined: heaven and earth.
The series Dario de Viaje – Travel Diary – uses circular mosaic and kaleidoscope-like compositions to create an intimate dream world, a “star map” from her experiences, thoughts and memories. the round wall sculptures explore worlds between oceans and cities and are composed of photos, acetate sheets and pure light. Poblet installations can be experienced with all senses and create a space for reflection and retreat, in which the audience can immerse themselves in a world of light. She urgently invites the viewer not only to explore her life, but also to embark on a journey of his own.


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