“The initial point for her art, is nature, says Marta Fermín: modernly interpreted. A small pile of sand is placed in the front corner on the floor of the gallery – and that’s where it starts growing, that tree of wool strings, whereby the strings themselves can be imagined to be different thinner and thicker branches. On the other hand, they could likewise be associated with spider webs or interpret the whole space as an abstract piece of art in space. Depending on the incidence of light beaming through the big glass window into the gallery space the strings throw shadows onto the white walls and double the dizzying structures. (…) A second group of works in the exhibition are smaller formatted drawings on primed canvas. Die few, simple drawn insertions illustrate implied, abstracted elements of landscape – trees, paths, a lake – loosely positioned into the image space. In between there are mellowing dashes of color. In a third group of works, also made up of smaller formats, multiple smaller and larger spots of metal pigments that have dropped and dappled onto the surface almost randomly, along with some tiny insertions of drawings. Here too, one can find clues hinting towards nature: a blossom here, maybe a sun over there. The canvases are partly covered with closely-layered strings of wool. (…)”

– GABRIELE MAYER, Mittelbayerische Zeitung


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