With NOISE IN A SHELL, Galerie Isabelle Lesmeister presents the third solo exhibition by TANIA BRASSESSCO (*1986 in Venice) and LAZLO PASSI NORBERTO (*1984 in Verona) in Regensburg. In their conceptual works, the artist duo combines aspects of photography, performance, installation an film. Their approach is characterized by an examination of partly scientific, partly romantic and existential aspects of life. Through their experimental and profound methods the artists manage to create realistic images of fictitious situations and draw the viewer into an energetic and magical world full of emotions and paradoxa. 

The works seek contact with the unsolved side of someone’s experience, memories, visions, and impulses that settle in the dark corners of the subconscious and that reemerge through layered meanings and features that appear recognizable and at the same time disorienting. By creating timeless spaces, the two artists play with the boundary between reality and unreality.

NOISE IN A SHELL is equivalent to the audible rushing of the ocean or of the wind in a shell and refers to the same existential aspects, to a metaphorical echo of someone’s own life and the fragility of memories – like glass. Human actions and experiences leave lasting impressions on every individual, which Tania & Lazlo capture in the works on display, such as the cover work Glass Doesn’t Hold Memory. This selection is complemented by works that focus primarily on human beings and their immersion in sprawling nature or their life in an urban environment. The works on display were created during a residency program in Florida (USA), among other places and capture the individual natural or urban environment.

The exhibition is part of this year’s edition of the International Festival of Photographic Images in Regensburg.


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