The exhibition “Papilio” at the Galerie Isabelle Lesmeister is showing works of Madeleine Schollerer, Sanddra Kantanen and Huber.Hube between June and September. Each of the artists has their own artistic view, with which they approach the motive of the butterfly.
The symbol of the butterfly is multilayered. Starting in ancient times, the transformation from a caterpillar to a proud butterfly has been viewed as a symbol of rebirth. In ancient Greece it was given the name “psyche” – uniform to the soul of human beings, that reincarnates itself in the shape of a butterfly after death.  Likewise the butterfly has been a symbol for metamorphosis that humans go through in order to achieve inner peace. Through the traits of metamorphosis the butterfly is, to this day, seen as a Christian symbol of art, that stands for resurgence.The “papilio” with its different interpretations as a symbol is a returning motive in fine arts and is dealt with in different ways and means.Madeleine Schollerer is working with the traditional art form of paper cutting. In her works she combines the lightness of the butterfly with the dangerous seeming silhouette of combat aircrafts. The symbol of rebirth stands in complete contrast to the man made machines that can end lives within the matter of seconds. The artists work is about nature and technicality, will power and death that stand opposite from each other.The artist, who was born in Straubing (Germany) studied at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Munich, where she graduated here state examination with honours. Ever since that, her works have been shown in exhibitions all around Germany.
Sandra Kantanen is giving the viewer a different view into the botanic world that is shown in her circular works. On monochromatic background, the depiction of plants seem to have been taken out of their natural habitat. Small glimpses of the whole are what the artist is focussing on. Moths and butterflies add to the image and give an impression of movement and liveliness. Through the depiction that is incredibly rich in detail it seems that all of the elements of the picture need to be viewed through a looking glass. Every hair of the stem of a flower and every vein of a leaf are visible.
The artist, who is based in Finland, opens the window to nature and is giving an angle, that would otherwise remain hidden for the viewer. She shows us in her own artistic creation the creation of nature in all its beauty. Sandra Kantanen got her education in Finland and China. Her works are now shown in Finland as well as in international exhibits.
The last, but not least, participant for the exhibition is the Swiss artist duo Huber.Huber. In their highly facetted works they ponder the symbolic power of the butterfly in their very own way. In their collages they consciously stage a collusion of different worlds. Their works are based on forgotten objects of our consumer world, that are used to create different compositions and layovers, which then again gain a new narrative substance.
Fragments of butterfly wings cross over old photographies and destroy the idyll of past times. With a nostalgic notion and a partly gloomy, mystical atmosphere Huber.Huber visualize the conflict between nature and civilization. Alternative worlds that are consciously embody the irrational are created and invite the viewer to start an imaginary journey themselves.
The twin brothers Reto and Markus Huber did their training at the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst in Zürich. Both of them have been working as the artistic duo Huber.Huber ever since their graduation in 2005.


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