Graphics, paintings and objects, that are connected to Cuba as a country, as well as it’s political situation the topic that the Cuban artists Kevin Lopéz and Karlos Peréz are showing through the title of the exhibition “PATRIA O MUERTE”.
The monochromatic, large-formatted paintings by Peréz as based on photographies from a pre-revolutionary time and show scenes of an easy and decadent lifestyle of the riches in Cuba before the revolutionary year of 1959.

Lopéz creates stamps with famous aphorisms of the early years of the revolution  – crafted in the USA. With these stamps he creates images of houses that used to belong to Americans living in Cuba or exiled Cubans and that were disowned during the revolution.
Ironically the title of this series is “Esta es tu casa Fidel! – “This is your house, Fidel!”.

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