„The works by Jenny Forster are inspired by and created through the artist’s examination and reflection of Old Masters, like Frau Angelico, Tintoretto and Patinier. Her paintings are building bridges, developing new perspectives and are as a result critical and modern.

Upon one’s first glance at her works, her distinct interest in abstraction becomes apparent. Shapes are dissolving into colors, lines blur and the image space knows no boundaries; color fields flow towards the edge of the carrier, crackle and layer themselves over one another. The technique the artist uses to apply the colors, as well as the dissolving of the structure and the deconstruction of proportions, out of which the rhythm and dynamic of the image space are created, seem to originate from intuition.

The works give off a dreamy and metaphoric vibe, some of them are reminiscent of hallucinations. The viewer is vaguely reminded of those bases of imagery that have built up the socio-cultural culture of the “Western world”. At the same time the artist is exposes the problems auf the concept of art that is seen as the well-recognized and generally accepted one.

Forster demands a daring eye for deconstruction and abstraction of the viewer of her art. She introduces an idea – without aspiration of completeness. The referrals to the Masters of the Renaissance should be understood as the carriers of an idea, instead of seeing them as a clear reference to the content of the image or mythology in general. Forster is playing with hints and claims a lot, which helps her to build bridges between yesterday and today.”



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