“Klaus Schiffermüller transforms segments of real landscapes through memories and the study of nature into abstract ideas of the image. In his studio, the direct and scenic attitude is giving the crucial impulse for the realization of his works; the concrete connection can be seen as an opposition to the composition, which is harmonic in it’s colors. Even though the visual language of the works is a moving and vivid one, they exude a kind of deep calmness; the view of the observer is guided through leaves and the playing of light and color. The ever-present, specific element in Schiffermüller’s paintings is nature; everything man made or related to human beings is merely represented in the titles of his art works.” (Dr. Stephanie Hallinger).
The studio of the artist is located in Duggendorf, near Kallmünz (Germany). That is why especially the Naabtal has been an inspiration for his new works that are shown in this exhibition.


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