Past, present and future enter into an idiosyncratic, oscillating relationship in Mathias Hornung’s works. Seemingly irreconcilable things combine to form new spaces of thought and vision, which create and play out ambivalences. 

The exhibition Blue Codes shows studio-fresh woodcuts from his new series Digital Dark Blue. Here he bridges the gap between woodcut and the digital world. Wood, paper, and computer mark different eras, but even woodblocks or printing blocks can be more than a reminiscence of the past. 

Hornung puts an old technique into a fruitful relationship with our medial present. In a world of ever more perfect technical images, the media flood of images, he links their codes with the old process of letterpress printing with its direct manual access to sensual immediacy, to physicality and haptics. (Dorothée Bauerle-Willert)


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