Anna Nemes (* 1989 Budapest) paints people transparently as if they had no weight, but they do not lose their true nature by doing so – they are what they are: fallible human beings. She paints very personal pictures, her friends, her family and herself.
By the one hand sensual, on the other hand suffering representation of her characters, the artist manages to create a certain familiarity between the viewer and the person portrayed. Nevertheless, mysterious secrets seem to surround the characters, leaving the viewer room for reflection and interpretation.

Nemes studied painting at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts Budapest with Imre Bukta until 2014. Since 2016 she is represented by the renowned Varfók Galería in Budapest. Her works have been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions, especially in Hungary, but also in Germany, France, Poland and Spain, and are already represented in many Hungarian and international private collections. Thanks to years of cooperation between the galleries Varfók and Lesmeister, their first solo exhibition in Germany has now been realized.


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