“Sommerfrische” – the title of the exhibition is based on the by now out-dated expression for a summery relaxation on the country side, in the mountains or by the lake.

The exhibition at Galerie Isabelle Lesmeister shows new works by Vesna Bursich, Angelika Tóth, Iskren Semkov and Klaus Schiffermüller – four artists, that have all – in their unique way – engaged with the topic of the exhibition.

One can find the impressionist reminiscent works by the Kelheim artist Klaus Schiffermüller with abstract depictions of real parts of landscapes. Human figures can almost not be found in his works at all. In contrast to those works, people play very much a vital part as motifs in the paintings of the Budapest-based artist Angelika Tóth, who, like Schiffermüller uses the medium of oil-paint exquisitely the draws the beholder into their unique and impressive worlds.

The Italian artist Vesna Bursich and the Bulgarian artist Iskren Semkov impress with an almost photorealistic style of work, also using oil on canvas. The works of these two artist stand in clear contrast to the works of Schiffermüller and Tóth with their meticulous brush work.

All in all, the works of those four young artists create a colorful exhibition, that is giving the beholder an opportunity to flee the summer heat and be able to find shade in the “Sommerfrische”.

On view: July 6 – Sept 1 2013

Opening night: July 5, 2013


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