SPACES is the third joint exhibition by Jenny Forster and Jeremy Holmes, after AXIOME (2012) and ATMOSPHERE (2014).
Jeremy Holmes‘ works are described by the artist himself as “three dimensional lines in a space”. His material of choice, thin white ash wood, is being softened by water, bent and shaped into loops and shapes of unpredictable progress. The sculptures themselves, as well as their surroundings and places in between them are of specific interest to the viewer, as (s)he takes on the journey through the ¬†space, as well as negative space.
Jenny Forster‘s new series, titled “Spiegel” (“mirror”), are the result of a research and training trip she took to Japan earlier in 2018. The surfaces are layered multiple times, with shapes of oval and circles building the center of the image. Combined with the vibrant, bursting and overlapping colors she uses for her paintings, she creates mixed media works on paper on wood. Mirrors have a long tradition in the history of art as well as in general, as they always open up new spaces and possibilities of an additional viewpoint.¬†

On view: July 5 2018 – September 15 2018


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