The exhibition STILLE (Silence) brings together works by Giulia Dall’Olio (*1983) and Birgit Nadrau (*1971) that can be classified in the genre of landscape painting. In contrast to their traditional definition, these works are not realistic depictions of the environment or representations of a harmonious coexistence of man and nature. For one searches in vain for a human presence in the works of both artists.The paintings shown by Birgit Nadrau are dedicated to the Franconian landscape. In her paintings she frees it from its topography and lets the silhouettes of branches or water surfaces appear shimmering in accurate working steps. Giulia Dall’Olio also plays with this light-dark contrast, using etchers to create a profound nature from black pigment surfaces. Together, the works of Giulia Dall’Olio and Birgit Nadrau transform the gallery into a contemplative place that allows space for reflection and, when looking at the pictures, holds the chance to be seized by their silence.


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