The exhibition UNERWARTETE WENDE is the first solo exhibition of the artist Nico Sawatzki (*1984 in Regensburg) in his hometown. To date, he has shown his work in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Germany, USA, Canada and South Korea. The works for the exhibition UNERWARTETE WENDE were created especially for this exhibition and have not been shown before. Sawatzki previously worked in his “landscape series” mainly with a reduced color palette, in the “non-colors” black and white. In the new works, soft pastel tones in blue, pink or even yellow are mixed into his palette, evoking the natural hue of the sky. Like the Romantics, Sawatzki wants to give expression to a deeply felt reality. To do so, he seizes on memories of moods, striking images from childhood and the near past. The titles of his works form the reduction of his thoughts, reduced memories, which are then in turn supplemented by the viewer’s own imagination and emotional world, and thus can grow into a very personal, possible memory. But Sawatzki is certainly not a landscape painter in the classical sense. One would hardly believe it but the beginnings of his art lie in street art. Since this has become socially acceptable, motifs and images that were previously emblazoned on house walls can be found neatly framed and placed on canvas in galleries and exhibition halls. Nico Sawatzki has gone through a very special artistic development and he is one of the very few street artists who, away from the house wall, to the canvas have developed their own technique and an unmistakable style. 
The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalog (german/eng). 


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