VON OBEN KOMMT DER REGEN (RAIN COMES FROM ABOVE) is the second solo exhibition of the artist Nico Sawatzki (*1984 in Regensburg) at Galerie Isabelle Lesmeister in Regensburg. In the broadest sense, Sawatzki creates landscape paintings, whose atmospheric density is reminiscent of the moody paintings of William Turner.

However, Nico Sawatzki is by no means a landscape painter in the classical understanding: the beginnings of his art lie in street art, the most important medium of which – the spray can – he has made continued use of for his unique artistic technique. However, he now applies the fine mist of acrylic paint to canvas in a cycle of construction and deconstruction of around 40 to 50 individual layers of paint.

The artwork titles – together with the poetic and humorous descriptions published for the first time in the context of this exhibition – are quintessences of his trains of thought and echoes of stories. In his works, Sawatzki draws on atmospheric memory and thus opens up his artworks to our imagination.

In 2022, Sawatzki was awarded the City of Regensburg’s Cultural Advancement Prize. The gallery regularly (re-)presents his works by participating in exhibitions in Germany, the USA, Canada and South Korea, among others. His works of art are represented in numerous private and public collections in Germany and abroad.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog.


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