The representation of animals has played a major role since the dawn of human art and culture. The exhibition entitled BESTIARIUM shows very different approaches to the representation of domesticated and wild animals in contemporary art.
The focus of the exhibition is a colored gouache by Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) of a goat’s skull from 1953. Goats represent on the one hand aggressive strength, on the other hand they stand for fertility and vitality. In addition to this outstanding work, artists in the gallery show their work in a wide variety of techniques and media.
The Italian Antonio Massarutto (* 1973) works in the Arte Povera style and uses “inferior” materials such as wire, clay and glue for his animal sculptures.
Angelika Tóth (* 1977) from Budapest shows in her expressive painting animals in their natural surroundings, which the viewer can often only make out at second glance.
The sculptor Fabian von Spreckelsen (* 1983) deals with the relationship between urbanized and uncultivated living space. He stylized and abstracted the fauna into geometric shapes, which he realized in steel sculptures.


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