AtelierJAK has been working on a film project called SOUL BLINDNESS for several years. The story of the film tells how the actor JAK deals with visual agnosia, a disease that is also called soul blindness in German. A neuropsychological disorder in which those affected can see their surroundings, but are not able to recognize objects and faces or to assign them functionally or to put them in a context.
In contrast to conventional film productions, SOUL BLINDNESS does not have a ready-made script. The story of the film evolves with each exhibition and with each work of art until there are finally 30 film segments, each of which is exactly 3 minutes long. This approach enables the atelierJAK to develop not only the plot itself, but also the setting.
The individual works, sculptures and installations interact, become props and, in their interplay, form the backdrop for the film. A variety of artistic means and media are used. In addition to sculpture, drawing, writing and language, the use of digital processes also plays a decisive role. With the help of 3-D scanners, exact scenic designs are modeled in advance on the computer and then implemented in detail by hand as spatial bodies or lines (I series). There is a constant artistic translation between digital and analog processes.
The exhibition FAULTY REVERIES shows current highlights from the work of the artist duo. Including a 2.50 m high wall piece made of filigree pieces of steel, created especially for the exhibition, and the first of its kind that the artist duo realized. Hundreds of 7.6 x 2.6 x 2.6 cm epoxy cubes extend over two complete wall surfaces and show miniature-like designs for film scenes. Large-format black works have filigree, silver line drawings that show film settings. What looks like a drawing when viewed from the front shifts into three dimensions as soon as the visitor looks at the picture from different angles. The previously so precise and sharp image becomes blurred and is difficult to see. In their work, the two artists play with the illness, the visual agony of the main actor JAK and the viewers, who are invited to immerse themselves in the world of actor JAK that has become image.
A catalogue will be published in June 2021.
The exhibition was funded by KUNSTFONDS & NEUSTART KULTUR


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