Landscapes are the focus of Guilia Dall’Olio’ current work. She does not, however, paint landscapes that actually exist even though she does make extensive nature studies; rather she concentrates on the inside, on spaces of the soul, on metaphysical vistas. The painter tries to get the essence of nature by means of gazing at it with eyes both human and humane.This making visible in the very act of reading the invisible, unseizable and intangible, in other words: the visionary has a long tradition in art history. If one looks for the roots and role models of Guilia Dall’Olios’ art, one quickly finds them in romanticism. Indeed the paintings of Dall’Olio often seem as if they had been inspired by the natural philosophy of German idealism.Philosophers and poets such as Schelling and Schubert, Brentano, Tieck and von Eichendorf (to name just a few) expound on the notion of nature as an animated entity – hence they refer to a firm bond between human beings and nature, a bond as invisible as tangible.
Dr. Nico Kirchberger
Director of Collection Graphik and Painting
Museum of the City of Munich


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