For the first time, the gallery Isabelle Lesmeister is showing selected works by gallery artists and guest artists from the past 10 years in a group exhibition. The internationality of the gallery becomes clear when you look at the countries of origin of the artists: they come from 10 different countries.With a special type of presentation, the salon hanging, the early group exhibitions of the salon artists and the first galleries in the 19th century are remembered.
Works by:
ASHWAN (UK), Maria Agureeva (RU), Luis Álvarez (CU), Tania Brassesco & Lazlo Passi Norberto (IT), Giulia Dall ́Olio (IT), Lars Fischedick (ZA), Jenny Forster (DE), Yunieski Frías (CU), Silja Götz (ES), Camille Hannah (AU), Jeremy Holmes (US), Mathias Hornung (DE), Huber.Huber (CH), Kelvin López (CU), Edgar Molino Marrero (CU), Birgit Nadrau (DE), Anna Nemes (HU), Karlos Pérez (CU), Requer (CU), Nico Sawatzki (DE), Madeleine Schollerer (DE), Johanna Strobel (DE), Angelika Tóth (HU)


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