In addition to the location of the gallery Isabelle Lesmeister presents the exhibition MIND MAPS under ‘Lesmeister Projects’ in the new exhibition and cultural space Vor der Grieb 5 of the Studentenwerk Niederbayern/Oberpfalz.The exhibition concept was created in curatorial collaboration with Regensburg gallery artist and 2022 Cultural Promotion Award winner Nico Sawatzki, who has his roots in street art. Just like his artist colleagues and friends who accepted his invitation to Regensburg. 

In addition to Sawatzki’s paintings, which are mostly reminiscent of landscape painting and in which he picks up on memories of moods, striking images from childhood but also from the nearer past, sculptural, photographic and painterly works by his long-time companion Alexander Rosol, also a cultural sponsorship award winner of the city of Regensburg, can be seen in which the city itself plays a major role as an urban and social space. 

Richard Ashcroft aka ASHWAN describes his work as a visual Tao of boom-bap sound. He creates objects: physical, solid and with a strong presence. His art harkens back to a time when the social breakdown of cities and the ever-widening social divide led to a veritable explosion of color. The accomplished artist offers a sound explosion at the vernissage and on the turntables at the gallery evening. 

Born in Berlin in 1985, artist Christian Hinz aka KERA has been working with colors, printing techniques and facade painting for over 20 years. His works are geometrically abstract, yet spatial at the same time, with graphics and aesthetics playing a major role.  

Berlin-based artist Tomislav Topic has created a stylistically unique and distinctive oeuvre over the course of his career. With his murals he breaks the boundaries of the genre of painting and proves that his abstract, non-representational style works excellently both in the small gallery format and on monumental walls.


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