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Roberto Ghezzi (*1978 in Cortona, Italy) stands out above all for his unique concept of an interactive play with nature. Ghezzi is known for his artistic research in close contact with wild nature. From this, over the course of two decades, the artist developed the so-called “naturography” (i.e. written by nature), a concept in which artworks are created and shaped by the artist and nature in equal measure.

Ghezzi’s art practice is characterized by a profound engagement with organic matter and takes on a conceptual form through this material. Man has always created works of art by painting nature or using elements from nature or in nature, but through naturography, nature takes on a completely new meaning in his artworks, being elevated to the status of the leading entity, instead of merely providing motif, and material and whose handwriting is in no way inferior to that of the artist.

Today, the artist’s installations can be found in Italy, Alaska, France, Switzerland, Iceland, South Africa, Tunisia, on the Lofoten Islands in Norway and in Patagonia.



born in Cortona, Italy

Studies of Fine Art at the Academy of Fine Arts, Florence, Italy

lives and works in Cortona, Italy

Exhibitions (selection)


ELEMENTE, double solo show with Antonio Massarutto, Galerie Isabelle Lesmeister, Regensburg, Germany


NATURA, mühlen.kunst Eichhofen, curated by Galerie Isabelle Lesmeister, Eichhofen, Germany

Hybris, il fiume eterno, Galleria Nazionale di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Roma, Rome, Italy

The Pillar Stream, Spitsbergen Artists Center, Longyearbyen, Svalbard Islands (Norwegian archipelago)

Genius loci, Museo Archeologico di Locri Epizefiri, Locri, Italy

Impressioni di un cambiamento, Museo della Carta di Pescia, Pistoia, Italy

The Greenland Project, Gilda Contemporary Art, Milan, Italy

Aqua, Fondaco dei Tedeschi, Venice, Italy

Arte, Terra, Aqua, Museo dei Grandi Fiumi, Rovigo, Italy


Contemporary Ecosystems, Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje, North Macedonia

Impermanente, Galleria d’arte Faber, Rome, Italy

Naturografie, Lapidarium di Villa Toppo, Udine, Italy

The writing of nature, Sixty Eight Art Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark

Drawing as Concept, Centro per l’arte contemporanea Trebisonda, Perugia, Italy

Segrete tracce di memoria, Palazzo Ducale di Genova, Genova, Italy


Naturografie, Museo Lapidarium, Novigrad, Croatia

Naturografie, Pinacoteca di Aquileia, Aquileia, Italy

Prisma 22, Galleria d’arte Faber, Rome, Italy

Le latitudini dell’arte, Pulchri Studio, Den Haag, Netherlands


Patagonia 19.20, Museo della Fine del Mondo, Ushuaia, Argentina

Naturografie in Patagonia, Museo Regionale di El Calafate, Argentina

Rizòmata, Nous Art Gallery, San Gimignano, Italy


Elsa, Nous Art Gallery, San Gimignano, Italy

Naturografie – Racconti dell’acqua e della terra, Museo of Natural History of the University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy

Arteamcup, Villa Nobel, Sanremo, Italy

Spazi di memoria, Casa Demandi, Alessandria, Italy


Naturografie in Tunis, Museum Oceanographic Salammbo and Ateliers Coteaux, Tunis

Naturografie, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Perugia per l’Arte, Palazzo Graziani, Perugia, Italy

Vivi, Palazzo Vannuzzi, Cortona, Italy

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